(May 12, 2022) – Through the Ministry of Education’s Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) Unit, two students from President’s College have received their much-needed spectacles.


Pupils from President’s College receive their much needed spectacles

This initiative falls under the unit’s Health, Wellness and Environmental Management programme. The programme benefits pupils in schools across the country by providing spectacles and hearing aids free of cost. Every year, students undergo an early identification screening process, however, due to the pandemic, this was interrupted. In place of this, several outreaches were held to ensure pupils still benefited from the programme.


Female pupils at Queenstown Secondary School receive personal hygiene packages

For 2022, some 19 pupils from schools around Georgetown and Regions Three and Eight have received new spectacles through the programme.

Additionally, on Wednesday, female pupils at Queenstown Secondary School received personal hygiene packages after benefiting from puberty and hygiene sessions in April last.

This falls under the HFLE Unit’s Water, Hygiene and Sanitation programme. Since its launch in 2013, pupils in schools across the country have been benefiting from sessions geared towards equipping them with the necessary knowledge and means to practice good hygiene.