news 20180418 4As the Ministry of Education (MoE) continues to explore opportunities to improve education delivery nationally, Regional Education Officers (REDO’s) will be engaged in intense discussion over the next three days as they meet for their annual REDO’s Retreat from April 18-20, 2018 in Region eight (Potaro-Siparuni) Mahdia.

The conference is tailored to ensuring that the officers are able to demonstrate effective management and supervisory skills in the dispensation of their daily functions in their respective regions. The educators are encouraged to submit accurate and timely reports with a view of ensuring that issues affecting education and schools in the regions are addressed expeditiously.

Under the leadership of Minister of Education Hon. Nicolette Henry, the MoE has been placing greater emphasis on management and supervision of schools. Minister Henry believes that schools can achieve more if these learning institutions are properly managed and supervised and training in this regard will 20180418 6

It is against this backdrop that considerable time will be expended on this subject matter at this year’s conference. The rationale is that the ReDo’s will ultimately work with school leaders to achieve the desired outcomes and eventually, this approach will lead to improved school administrations. Additionally, it is envisaged that better relationships will be fostered among the education officers, head teachers, teachers and the central ministry.

Added to that, under the guidance of the Deputy Chief Education Officer (Administration), Ms Ingrid Trotman, the officers will also be brainstorming strategies for the new Education Strategic Plan (2019-2023). It is at this juncture that the education officers will have an opportunity to articulate their vision for the education sector in their 20180418 5

Meanwhile, the conference is being attended by the President of the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) Mr Mark Lyte. The GTU President who will be delivering a presentation said that he feels privileged to be a part of the conference.

Lyte said that his presence at the conference underscores the importance of the GTU and the education ministry working closely to ensure that the education system works for all and is churning out the desired 20180418 7

Further, Mr Lyte said his presentation will be centred on collaboration with the ministry with a view of sharing information and remedying issues in an amicable manner.

Over the next three days there will be various presentations from officers and other resource persons aimed at building capacity among the Regional education Officers.