The Ministry of Education wishes to advise that it has established a Resolution Desk. This desk will accept complaints, queries, and grievances.

This desk will also provide information on the services offered by the Ministry of Education. This desk is open to students, teachers and parents and all other stakeholders in education.
This initiative will allow the Ministry of Education to promote and value feedback. It will also allow the MOE to manage complaints, to improve performance, systems, and service delivery. The Resolution Desk aims to:

  • resolve the problems encountered by students, teachers, and parents in the education sector
  • provide an avenue for students, teachers, and parents to record their dissatisfaction with the services offered in the education sector
  • ensure an open, accessible, and transparent complaint management system
  • ensure feedback, suggestions and complaints are managed effectively, fairly, confidentially, and objectively
  • inform and identify where service improvements can be made

The Resolution Desk is managed by the Office of the Inspectorate by School Inspector, Ms. Shaharazade Atkinson. The desk can be contacted through the following medium:

  1. Tel: 225 – 7000
  2. WhatsApp:652 – 9145
  3. Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Ministry of Education wishes to assure that all complaints will be addressed within a 24-hour window.