- Majority of candidates awarded schools in the upper bracket

The Department of Education - Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) in collaboration with the private sector of the region honoured the top 22 NGSA performers in the region at a ceremony held today at the Aracari Resort.news 20211025
The Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand said that the children's performance is an example of what can be achieved when the Government and people work together to allow persons to thrive and become their best.
She said that the benefit of collaboration is one of the lessons that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught Guyanese, especially those in the education sector. She said, “We can face any challenge that comes to us if there is some level of cooperation and unity.”
Minister Manickchand said that ensuring children were prepared to write the NGSA this year took willpower along with the desire and the investments to make it happen. “It took teachers during this time to step up. Teachers both in the private and public schools during this time refashioned what they knew to do,” the Education Minister noted.news 20211025 2
She said that the Ministry of Education also rolled out several initiatives to provide the necessary assistance to the Grade six pupils.
These initiatives included the refashioning of the Guyana Learning Channel to air pre-recorded lessons done by local teachers, producing the NGSA Booster programme which was available on the Guyana Learning Channel and Youtube, launching the Quiz Me Platform on the Ministry’s website, producing the Whiz Kids game show and also distributing the necessary textbooks, worksheets and study notes to all Grade six pupils in the public sector.
In addition, the Ministry also developed the consolidated curriculum that focused specifically on the topics students needed to learn to write the examination up to the Grade Five level.
Speaking on the development of secondary level education in the region, the Education Minister announced that for the first time, a school in Region Three will be offering the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE). She said this will be done at the West Demerara Secondary School. According to Minister Manickchand, the aim of the Ministry is to ensure students across Guyana have access to the same level of secondary education regardless of which school they are placed in.
She said that before the end of this year, the Ministry is looking to have CAPE offered at the Anna Regina Secondary School in Region Two and at the Annandale Secondary School on the East Coast of Demerara, Region Four.news 20211025 3
Regional Chairman of Region Three, Mr. Inshan Ayube said that the Government of Guyana must be commended for implementing the many initiatives to help students remain engaged and to prepare them to write the examination. He said that a lot of hard work went into the various programmes despite still having to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic which negatively impacted the education sector across the country.news 20211025 4
Regional Education Officer, Mr. Devendre Persaud in his overview said that 1836 candidates wrote the NGSA in the region with 104 students being awarded places at Queen’s College, the Bishops’ High, St. Stanislaus College, St. Rose’s High and St. Joseph’s High School. Further, he said that 376 students were awarded List A schools, 687 students were awarded List B schools, 504 students were awarded List C schools while the remaining candidates were placed at List D to F schools.
According to Mr. Persaud, it is the first time in the history of the NGSA that the majority of students were in the upper bracket.news 20211025 1 The region’s top student this year is Gizelle A. Nicholson from Leonora Primary who achieved 520 marks and was awarded a place at Queen’s College. All of the 22 awardees today were awarded a place at Queen’s College.
“Despite all the challenges during this pandemic, I must say that Region Three has continued to perform excellently. None of this would have been possible without your (Minister Manickchand) outstanding and dedicated leadership and the tireless and dedicated work of all officers, headteachers, teachers, parents and all other stakeholders in Region Three,” Mr. Persaud remarked.news 20211025 5
Representing the Private Sector of the Region today was Mr. Devendra Rampersaud who advised the students to keep reaching for greatness and that an investment in education pays the best interest.
The students honoured today are listed below. They have all been placed at Queen's College.

Gizelle A Nicholson – LEONORA PRIMARY- 520 marks
Zhijie Yang – ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE - 519 marks
Malia Marcello – LEONORA PRIMARY - 518 marks
Aliyah Hanif – ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE - 518 marks
Rauid Khan – LEONORA PRIMARY - 517 marks
Gasella Williams – GENESIS EARLY CHILDHOOD - 517 marks
Rebekah Joseph – VIVE-LA-FORCE PRIMARY- 516 marks
Malachi Patrick – ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE - 516 marks
Reshaun Ulla – QAYYIM ACADEMY - 516 marks
Kaitlyn Persaud – LA GRANGE PRIMARY - 515 marks
Emily Vaamonde-Beria – CRANE PRIMARY - 515 marks
Yushini Kumar – GENESIS EARLY CHILDHOOD - 515 marks
Feiaz Dhanny – CORNELIA IDA PRIMARY - 514 marks
Obama Prosper – GENESIS EARLY CHILDHOOD - 513 marks
Akemi Glasgow – ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE - 513 marks
Sadie Small – ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE - 513 marks
Rachel Joseph – VIVE-LA-FORCE PRIMARY - 512 marks
Adrian Playter – GENESIS EARLY CHILDHOOD - 512 marks
Romelia Persaud – ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE - 511 marks
Jaidev Singh – ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE - 511 marks
Vickram Lalbachan – QAYYIM ACADEMY - 511 marks
Travis Persaud - LEONORA PRIMARY - 510 marks