news 2018607 9Twenty-one students attached to the West Demerara Secondary School (WDSS) will be the first to pursue studies in Portuguese at the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) level.

This was disclosed by WDSS Head Teacher Harry Narine, during an interview with the Department of Public Information.

According to Narine, the course was added to the institution’s curriculum approximately four years ago. It was intended to provide students with the opportunity to learn a foreign language, thereby enabling them to communicate and better integrate into bilingual communities. It also is aimed at the capacity of modern languages teachers within the education system.

Narine noted that, while students from Grade 7 to 11 were required to participate in such an initiative, other pupils studying the language this year are expected to perform well, as it will also be considered as a driving force to encourage others to do the same.

Narine stressed that over the years, the institution has created a stellar reputation created through academic success and extra-curricular activities.

“The school is one in the region that has been able to sustain good results in both the field of academics and extra-curricular activities. This includes excelling in Mathematics and English Language, as seen in last year’s report at CXC with an 89 percent and in 2016, 92 percent…. We are not just a school that provides a curriculum to achieve academic success, our students are equally balanced”, the Head Teacher explained. He noted that the institution’s success is not without the support of the PTA, teachers and the involvement of the public and private sectors.

The Head Teacher said that it is the mission and vision of his administration to continue to strive for excellence in the development of young people, and to become one of the top schools in the region.