news 20210228 1The Chief Schools Welfare Office in collaboration with the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Coordinator Ms. Nadia Hollingsworth, continued community outreach activities in Region Five on February 25th, 2021.

In addition to Ms. Hollingsworth, the team of officers from central ministry consisted of Chief Schools' Welfare Officer, Ms. Gillian Vyphius, Senior Guidance and Counselling Officer, Mr. Vickram Mohabir and Senior Welfare Officer, Mr. Sewpaul Persaud.
The PTA Coordinator joined a team of Officers from the Department of Education - Region Five which included District Education Officer Ms. Keane Adams, Senior Schools' Welfare Officer, Ms. Gloria Davidson-James, Senior Welfare Officer, Ms. Roxanne La Rose, Senior Guidance and Counselling Officer Mr. Naitram Lalaram and Probation Officer Ms Rigby.
The team visited the communities of Bath Settlement and Woodlands Bel-Air (Nos. 8, 9 and 10 Villages). An interactive session was held at the Bath Primary School where teachers and parents discussed concerns and challenges about accessing education during the pandemic.
Parents were encouraged to be actively involved in the education system. Support and guidance were given to parents and teachers. The Department of Education - Region Five also distributed school supplies and masks to children in the communities.