The Ministry of Education, under the Guyana Education Sector Improvement Project, today began a consultative workshop for the creation of a modern and relevant school curriculum.

The workshop targets senior education officials with the intention of giving them the opportunity to shape the curriculum enhancement process that will occur over the next several years. Speaking to the attendees, Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry said “we are present here today as part of a process to develop a well thought out, modern school curriculum, which is central to the running of any school. news 20180613 15This is the type of activity that ensures our citizens receive a sound education that is fundamental to the good life we so often speak about.”
According to the minister, this level and depth of curriculum reform was last embarked on four decades ago and it proves timely. It is from this, she said, that the prospective reformed curriculum should be country-specific and appeal to the youth across the country.

“A Guyanese curriculum should reflect the unique confluence of experiences that promote our culture and identity. Today we have to teach our children differently because things have changed and we have evolved and for 21st-century existence, young people need more than traditional skills.”news 20180613 16

Chief Education Officer (CEO), Marcel Hutson also stressed on the importance of the curriculum change: “In the context of Guyana there is need for change. If we are going to be relevant and if we are going to be in line with what the international standards are, it is necessary that we have our curriculum reviewed.”

The consultative workshop runs from June 13-15 and is facilitated by representatives of St. Francis Xavier University and Acadia University, and retirees of Mount St Vincent University and the Caribbean Examinations 20180613 17

The workshop contains ten sessions. Its overall objective is the development of recommendations for curriculum revision framework based on leading best practices in the context of Guyana, and the development of a preliminary curricular and pedagogical approach to curriculum enhancement in Guyana.