According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, at the height of the nation-wide lockdowns in April, approximately 91 per cent of the world's students in more than 194 countries were out of school.

Guyana had officially closed its schools in March of this year after recording positive COVID-19 cases. Since then, about 55 per cent of students have been academically engaged across the country.
Like Guyana, Sri Lanka had closed schools in March. However, on July 6, 2020, the country reopened schools. Pictured here are students wearing face masks and washing their hands at a school in Sri Lanka.
Similarly, when schools reopen in Guyana, children will be required to wash their hands frequently using existing sinks and troughs that have been constructed at the entrance to the school's compound.
This among other measures such as the correct wearing of masks and social distancing will be strictly implemented as Guyana reopens schools for the CSEC, CAPE, PIC and TVET students on November 9, 2020.

image source:UNICEF/UNI355644/Kodikara/AFP