The Carnegie School of Home Economics (CSHE) re-opened its Hibiscus Training Restaurant today for the new batch of students. 

The principal of the CSHE, Mrs. Myrna Lee in her brief remarks said that the Board of Governors and Staff of the CSHE are requesting the support and patronage of the public to allow the students the opportunity to practise skills demanded by the programme. news 20200124 1
She said that Catering and Hospitality is the flagship programme and the school understands the direct nexus between tourism, hospitality and travel.
According to Mrs. Lee, the school recognises that persons travel from one destination to another and have needs that the CSHE can train its students to meet as is stated in the mission of the school which states, “Carnegie is in the business of creating, developing and providing international quality and excellence in the area of Home Economics and Hospitality services through education, training, information sharing, networking and collaboration.”news 20200124 10
The Principal noted that the school teaches its students that each customer at the point of contact must feel valued and is treated with warm hospitality in so much that there is repeat visits or recommendations of service to others.
She explained that at the school, students are trained to personalise hospitality services for four main reasons. These reasons are to understand the needs of customers, to be loyal to customers, find out what customers care about and to lead in the hospitality industry through gaining insights into the best affordable customer service.
Mrs. Lee added that the Hibiscus Training Restaurant is one of the three main units where professionals from industry and facilitators collaborate to guide students in delivering their best to serve customers. news 20200124 2
The restaurant will be opened between 12:00hrs to 14:30hrs from Tuesday to Friday until April 2020. Persons are encouraged to visit the school’s Facebook page for updates on menus, catering and other services.
President of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG), Mr. Mitra Ramkumar said that with Guyana now an oil producing state, it must be noted that tourism and oil meshes well and support each other. He said Guyanese must come to grips with the reality that not everyone can work on oil rigs but can still benefit from the petroleum sector while working in other sectors since there are a lot of spinoff activities that can be found in the tourism and hospitality industry.
He said that THAG is working with the CSHE on an attachment programme for students as well as developing a database from where employers can find persons that are trained in a particular field and possess the necessary skills.