Educators and teachers were honoured for their long service in nursery education in observance of the 40th anniversary of the Guyana Nursery Education 20160919 1

The red carpet reception and dinner award was held on Saturday at the Pegasus Hotel, Georgetown. Former Chief Education Officer (CEO) acting, and award recipient Genevieve Whyte-Nedd encouraged teachers and educators to be “leaders of a positive influence.”

“Our fervent wish is that the Guyana Nursery Education Programme continues to strive on honesty, commitment, collaboration with each stakeholder and respect for the individuality of each child,” Whyte-Nedd said in her vote of thanks.

Whyte-Nedd pointed out the advancement of the Nursery Education Programme throughout the years and credited the “pillars” and “stalwarts” who ensured the development of the programme through rigorous 20160919 2

“It was not easy for the establishment of the Guyana Nursery Education Programme in the start-up years. For us as individuals, it required a lot of sacrifice, long days, and walking distances. We had no vehicle of our own, we had no shoe allowance, but we did it,” Whyte-Nedd reminisced.

The dinner award honoured assistant CEOs, nursery personnel who dedicated years of service to education, nursery teachers who attained 35 years of service and outstanding contributors to nursery 20160919 3

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo’s wife, Mrs Sita Nagamootoo, a former lecturer at the Cyril Potter College of Education, advisor to the Minister of Education, Vincent Alexander, acting CEO, Marcel Hudson and Chairperson of the Teaching Service Commission, Leila Ramson were in attendance and also presented awards.

The Guyana Nursery Education Programme was launched in 1976. Under this programme, the tracking of child development index card and entry profile was introduced to “keep a profile of children as they moved from class to class and from level to level.”

The Ministry of Education has been continuously working to improve the delivery of early childhood/nursery education. Continuous capacity training and provision of teaching materials and ensuring that nursery schools meet standards set out by CARICOM are some initiatives undertaken by government.