In 2019, Guyana will celebrate its 53rd year of being an independent nation under the theme “A united Guyanese are we at 53!” Plans to commemorate this monumental achievement of the Guyanese people have begun with the first meeting held on Monday, March 18, 2019, to successfully observe this occasion.

Through a collaborative effort between the Department of Social Cohesion, Culture, Youth and Sport and the Ministry of Education, plans are moving apace for the 53rd Independence Flag Raising Ceremony and Cultural Display which will see an estimated 10,000 youths from across Guyana's education sector converging on the Durban Park tarmac for a mega cultural showcase and physical display on May 26, 2019.
A team of officials from both ministries, headed by Mr. Andrew Tyndall, Administrator of the Music School, came together to commence preparatory planning for what is slated to be the most magnificent display of Guyana's youth in the performing arts. This occasion will provide an opportunity for the nations’ youth to showcase Guyana’s diverse cultural heritage and pride in nationhood.
"The idea is like a youth rally where school-aged children will take centre stage in an all-encompassing showcase of national pride. It is never too late to be patriotic and our youth population is ideal to be part of this historic unfolding" Tyndall said.
The participation of the youth demographic provides a unique opportunity for the future leaders of Guyana to be given an opportunity to be part of an event of historical significance while networking, learning nationalistic and patriotic values and building bonds among their peers in a professional but celebratory atmosphere.