… as efforts intensify to bring about improvement in the subject area

The Department of Education Georgetown today hosted a mathematics walk and exhibition in an effort to bring about increased awareness to the subject area at the Primary School level. The day’s activity began with the walk commencing at the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) compound in Woolford Avenue and ended at Queens College where the exhibition was held.

According to District Education Officer (DEO) Mr Adrian Elgin, the purpose of the activity is to build awareness in relation to mathematics. Further, Elgin said that it is imperative that educators’ aid in removing the stereotype that mathematics is a difficult subject.news 20190610 10

It is the view of DEO Elgin that because children often hearing that maths is a difficult subject they are already approaching the subject with a barrier before them. It is against this backdrop that he informed that there are a number of initiatives that were held such as maths camps, parent seminars and a maths quiz to complement this current activity.

In an invited comment, Smith’s Memorial Primary school children Sarah Bamfield and Tyrese Bayley who participated in the day’s activities said that such exercises are helpful to them. According to Bayley, “maths is now enjoyable for me… my parents and teachers showed me how enjoyable maths can be and how important it is”. Similar sentiments were expressed by Bamfield “I am enjoying maths more and more every day and this is because of the help of my teachers”.

According to another student, Dave Chowtie of Grahams Hall Primary who recently won a maths quiz competition, mathematics is a part of everyday life.
Further, Chowtie said that maths is a part of every field of work and we cannot escape it. The young man believes that children should make maths their friend if they are to grasp a good understanding of the subject.news 20190610 2

According to Beverley De John, Deputy Headmistress of Smith’s Memorial Primary School and a maths coordinator attached to Georgetown, her school has been using innovative ways to capture and sustain the children’s attention in the teaching of the subject.

Ms De John said that music, videos, chants etc. have been working well in ensuring the children understand the concepts. De John believes that a large part of the objective is achieved when the basic concept is understood making it easier for additional concepts to be grasped. A total of 29 schools participated in the walk and exhibition.