─ Encourages young people to prepare for first oil

At the recent signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Peace Corps Guyana and the Ministry of Education, United States (US) Ambassador Perry Holloway maintained his commitment to the education sector in Guyana.

“The work we do with the Ministry of Education is very important and I’m always seeking out ways to do more… As long as the Government of Guyana, ministers like Minister Henry and the people want us to be here to cooperate with Guyana we will be here,” Ambassador Holloway said.

The ambassador noted that that the collaboration is very important and the budgetary environment would not stop this.

According to Ambassador Holloway, in an effort to be “force multipliers and productive catalysts of education” the Peace Corps will continue to operate under the guidance of the Ministry to promote education, health and environmental sustenance as mapped out in the recent MOU.

“It is the Ministry of Education that leads the education efforts in Guyana and we try to be productive catalysts… following the lead of the Ministry of Education because education is such an importing thing in any country, but Guyana is a particularly special case because 50 percent of all Guyanese are under the age of 26.”

Ambassador Holloway urged that 50 percent of the Guyanese population, to take education seriously, referencing the revenue from the promising oil and gas future that is upon the country. The ambassador said that while many may not have conceptualized it yet, it will be upon the country soon and the young people need to be prepared for oil by creating ways they can earn money when the oil production begins in 2020.

“For instance, if you’re interested in being a chef, you get your training, get your certificates, since the money being spent by the government and companies exploring is going to create a demand for more chefs just like it’s going to create demands for more engineers. So, therefore, seek out your passion and figure out what you’re good at.” Ambassador Holloway advised.

The MOU strengthens the mutual relationship between the Education Ministry and Peace Corps and establishes the Peace Corps’ support for the Ministry’s key education initiatives.