The Inter-Guiana Games was kicked off last evening with a grand opening ceremony at the Leonora Stadium, before Guyana and Suriname participated in intense track and field showdown.

Minister of Education Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine before declaring the games opened, wished both teams success. The Minister said that sports have always been a tool for unity. Dr. Roopnaraine told the athletes that they are providing the best examples of coming together to thrive for 20161022 7

“This is an invaluable service to your countries and I am excited at the prospect” Dr. Roopnaraine stated.

According to Dr. Roopnarine, it is one of the reasons he has been pushing for sports and culture to be more relevant in the schools, which he believes are two areas where students can learn valuable lessons. The aim the Minister said is to produce completely rounded 20161022 8

“Valuable lessons about healthy competition, valuable lessons about thriving for excellence, valuable lessons about how they can outpace themselves, these to me are crucial” the Misnister explained.

Director of Sports to Suriname Luciano Mentowikromo thanked the government of Guyana for the tremendous effort made to bring the youths together. Mentowikromo noted that youths are the future adding that “it’s our obligation that we do all that is necessary to let them develop through sports.”news 20161022 9

Mentowikromo also shared the same sentiment of Dr. Roopnaraine as it relates to sports being a tool for unity. The Suriname sports director noted that due to the geographical location of Guyana and Suriname, they will be neighbours.

He urged that, “It is important that we use sports as a tool to develop that friendship.”

The Inter-Guiana games continue today with action at the Liliendaal National Aquatic Centre, the National Gymnasium on Mandela Avenue and the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall on Homestretch Avenue.