Community centre grounds across the country are being upgraded and are expected to have a tremendous positive impact on young people. Residents of Buxton will soon benefit from improvements to a ground in the community.

Director of Sport Christopher Jones in an interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA) explained that work has commenced on the ground of a Buxton family who lives overseas and gave permission for the upgrades of the ground, for the benefit of the community. One million dollars was allocated from the ground enhancement fund for the 20161026

Jones explained that Chung’s construction company is in partnership to help enhance the ground by offering the free use of their equipment. The one million dollars, Jones pointed out would be used to purchase diesel, earth and other materials.

The company will be landscaping the ground which includes, “filling in with earth, leveling that, rolling it so that the youngsters could play games like cricket, football, volleyball and so forth” Jones explained.

The Sports Director noted that similar ground enhancement works are currently ongoing in communities all across the country. These grounds include:

Region One

Mabaruma settlement
Fitzburg Sports ground
Keriabo-Arukaimai Village
Koko Moruca

Region Two

Charity Ground
Suddie Ground
Good Hope Ground

Region Three

West Demerara Secondary
Glen Eagles Sports Club

Region Four

Pearl Village Ground
Plaisance- Sparendaam Ground
Buxton Ground
Guiding Light Church Sophia

Region Four cont’d

Pius Ground
Festival City Youth Group
North East La Penitence
East Ruimveldt Community Centre
Guyhoc Community Square
C-Field Sophia
East Ruimveldt Secondary School Ground
Guyana Public Service Union Sports Complex
Golden Grove
Mocha Arcadia
Tucville Secondary Ground
Agricola Community
Ministry of Education Ground

Region Five

Hope Town

Region Six

Vryman’s Erven Training Centre
53 Village

Region Seven

Bartica Secondary Ground
Bartica Community Centre
Upper Mazaruni Ground

Region Eight

Mahdia Ground
Kato Ground

Region Nine

Carasabai Ground
Moco Moco Ground
Aranaputa Valley ground

Region Ten

Kara Kara
Kwakwani Ground
Siberian Old English Ground
Linden Technical Institute
Mackenzie Sports Club Ground

The ground enhancement project comes under the Ministry of Education, Department of Culture, Youth and Sport and is aimed at providing the platform for athletes’ development in communities across Guyana. This is part of the Ministry’s plan to harness quality athletes by ensuring they have the necessary facilities.