– urges nation’s top performers to stand up for honesty and integrity

Although hard-work, dedication and sacrifice are all key factors to achieving success, embracing this success should never be without recognising those who helped in one way or another. This view was recently highlighted by Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo when he addressed a gathering of education stakeholders at the National Cultural Centre recently. The occasion was the Ministry of Education’s 20th hosting of its National Awards ceremony.news 20161026 4
Speaking to the awardees, the majority of whom were the top performers of primary and secondary level examinations, the Prime Minister urged that they reflect on the support they gained from others along the way.
Parents, according to Nagamootoo, like their children who excelled had to make sacrifices and at times might have been faced with hard choices. “ Whether to put more food on the table rather than provide you the book you asked for or buy a pair of shoes or something that would have helped you to get to school or make your life in class more comfortable, are some of those choices” he considered.

Added to this, he speculated that some parents might have been forced to take time off from activities that were personal and valuable to their lives to attend a Parent/Teacher Association meeting, to meet with teachers and better understand how their children were performing. Essentially, he noted, many parents have rendered unadulterated devotion to their children to ensure that they were well cared for thereby, allowing them to “emerge from the examination rooms as victors, as winners…triumphant.”
But embracing the outstanding achievement should not be without first appreciating the role that educators have played too, the Prime Minister reminded.
“Remember the contribution towards your education by your teachers who are dedicated to the task of which they are paid, who are committed to the work they have chosen, and who gave and imparted from themselves the knowledge they accumulated over the years,” Nagamootoo asserted.
“In imparting their knowledge they are making you twice or thrice the person as strong as they have been,” he added. He pointed out that the ability to delve into books on a personal level is also always instrumental in achieving academic success.
He called upon the awardees to reflect on their own sacrifices and the hard work such as the extra hours put into studying, reading and revising in preparation for the examinations that helped them to excel.
Education is a tool that will undoubtedly serve to exude them with ambition, the Prime Minister shared his conviction that “Guyana can be a shining light in the world; you are the light,” the Prime Minister said.
He recounted a call made by Head of State, David Granger, that “all students in Guyana should become ‘A’ students.”
But achieving this will require that a system be in place that understands the problems in education that affect the performance of the nation’s children who underperform.
However, even with the targeted success, Prime Minister Nagamootoo asserted that “there is nothing more worthy of recognition than honesty and integrity.” He urged the awardees, “If you choose to pursue the path of work or the path of academia you must stand up for some things you believe in, some principles that are lofty and even if you are the only one standing, you must stand for principles that will touch and influence not only your life but others around you.”
He dissuaded the awardees from delving into unwholesome activities. “No State, no nation, no people could invest in the path that leads to the pointing of iron doors…No nation would invest in their brightest minds and talented children if all it means in the end, is that they choose what they consider to be an easy path to life, the path that would lead you to earn a livelihood from other people’s sweats and accumulation; there is also the path that lead you not to the broad highway of a new glorified future but a path that lead you to prisons, hard labour and confinement and to the death of your dreams.”