Spreading different culture and making friends all across the globe, Logos Hope officially opened its doors to the people of Guyana, yesterday, to access its wide variety of reading material. The vessel is docked at the

Guyana National Shipping Wharf, La Penitence, and an entrance fee of $100 is required. It was emphasised that the books are being sold at very affordable prices.news 20161223 1

A video presentation was shown with the Logos Hope parade of nations, namely Finland, Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore, Poland, Colombia, Taiwan, Kenya, Netherlands and Germany.
Captain James Dyer welcomed everyone on board, and stressed that, “I am glad to be back in Georgetown”. Georgetown is the 129th port that the Logos Hope has docked at since its first journey back in February 2009.
Attending the opening on behalf of President David Granger, was Minister within the Ministry of Education, Nicolette Henry, who first welcomed the ship’s crew and went on to emphasise the value of the exercise.
“Hope is a very important thing for us; education is particularly important for us here as a nation, because we believe and we know that it is only through education that any country can fully be developed and have its people developed. So here in Guyana we are moving towards investing in our people in bigger ways than we have been doing in the past.news 20161223 2
“I was very pleased when I heard that the staff here are volunteers, and that when you see people take the time to do quality service…ordinary people doing extraordinary things, you can only be moved and inspired by that. And when you speak about hope, I hope that the (Logos) Hope would really inspire our people, and it will transcend somewhere in
Guyana particularly. You know, we are struggling with issues like suicide, but as we celebrate Christmas in 2016 we are happy to have you here with us. We also would like to know that people take the time to purchase books as gifts for Christmas, because it is a good investment, it is more a long term investment”.
Logos Hope is looking forward to having its six-millionth visitor on board during its stay here. They are about 500 persons away from achieving this goal.
Managing Director of Logos Hope, South African Seelan Govender, said that, “this is my first visit to Guyana and I am very excited to be in this part of the world. Over the years we have had many positive experiences. It is a joy to have the official opening of the Logos Hope in Guyana”.
“We are delighted to be in Guyana at this time of the year. The Logos Hope is more than just a ship, it is a vision to make a difference in the lives of people that we interact with; that we encounter as we sail from port to port. Our purpose is to be very intentional about making a difference,” Govender further asserted.
One of the crew members also said that, “the great anticipation to arriving here in Georgetown yesterday morning was not just because we look forward to being back in your country, but because we have been at sea for eleven days, we came across the Atlantic from the continent of Africa. And the sea wasn’t quite nice to us, so it wasn’t like it was an easy sail. But I can tell you our 400 crew from 60 nationalities are already engaged and are excited about being here in Guyana.”