The Ministry of Education has intensified efforts to improve mathematics results across Guyana.

Education Officials have deemed the results over the years as being unacceptable.
The Ministry of Education will be holding six statutory meetings with Heads of the 11 Education Districts to address the 20161005 2

The aim of these meetings is to find unique and long term solutions to the problem. Speaking with Kaieteur News, Junior Minister of Education Nicolette Henry said that it is important that networking be done across the Regions to ensure that best practices and ideas are shared, if the results are to improve. The meeting will place emphasis on discussing the Mathematics Improvement Plan (MIP) with the sole aim of improving student’s performance, especially at the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) level, where results have been especially worse.
“Every time we fail to correct one problem a generation is lost,” she said.
Henry said that Education Officials should think outside the box in their efforts to improve students’ performance, and at the same time offer recommendations and solutions to problems faced by individual officers. She said that there cannot be any specific strategy that is going to work for every district, and urged that ways be found to hold the students attention in the classroom.
The Minister said that an action plan will be agreed among the 11 districts. At the same time, she urged the Educators not to be bound by the plan, but to allow it to be their guide and urged creativity in teaching. Henry urged Education Administrators to be team players who show responsibility towards the nation’s future leaders.
The Minister recognized that all regions have cross-cutting issues and as such she encouraged them to move away from the ‘doom and gloom’ mentality where negativity abounds, and work on networking with the top five performing Regional Education Districts to make things better for the education system. She said that once these meetings are completed the implementation of the plan will be done swiftly.
The government had faced criticism with the continuous poor results in mathematics in schools across Guyana and there were calls for urgent action to remedy the problem. The results in mathematics have been poor across all age groups, the worse being among grade six students