The Region 10 Regional Chairman Renis Morian hopes to raise funds for the expansion of the Youth Work Readiness pilot programme.

The pilot programme is aimed at providing training for young persons who wish to enter the work market with on-the-job- training as a way to reduce the unemployment rates in Region10, Morian told the Government Information Agency (GINA) in an 20170201

Last year, the pilot programme trained 47 young persons in various areas of Engineering, Automotive repairs among other disciplines. Morian highlighted that the progress of the youths evidences that the pilot programme was a success since, “we have signed them (youths) up for university while others attend the school of agriculture and rest of them (youths) were locally hired”.

The Regional Chairman explained that through the implementation of the programme, one of the objectives is to assist in reconditioning the minds of the young person’s towards work. “The first thing they need to get is their mind is to understand how work works, especially getting up at a particular time to meet at work for 8:00’clock,” Morian pointed out.

The chairman noted that the agency wishes to provide additional courses to the pilot programme to broaden the minds of the youths.

Additionally, Morian said that the agency will be establishing a youth multi-complex so that the youths can practice different sport disciplines. The agency will also establish a green park to promote the “green economy” in keeping with the Government’s agenda.

“We want to do a green park, if you look at Region 10 truly over the years, we have never embraced a park that you can take your children to sit, they are playing while you reading or something, we don’t have that so it will not only just be a park but we also want promote greening which very important,” Morian noted.

Region 10 has been plagued for many years with high unemployment since there is a large population of youths who are school drop-outs, single parents amongst others which prevent the youths from attaining employment, the Chairman noted.

The Youth Work Readiness pilot programme is just one intervention geared towards youth empowerment and reducing youth unemployment.