School children from the eleven (11) education districts converged at the National Cultural Centre (NCC) for the finals of the Children’s Mashramani Competition. This two-day event is the culmination of a week of regional competitions.

The aim of this competition is to give school-aged children the opportunity to celebrate Guyana’s Republic anniversary in the performing 20170209 4

Taking the packed NCC through the paces were a television personality, Travis Chase and Playwright/Actress Mosa Telford. Together, they kept the audience lively, engaged and excited; and urged them to support each performance with resounding applause.

“Having so many children from across Guyana taking part in these activities is a good thing…it helps them to better understand and appreciate one another’s culture,” declared Minister within the Ministry of Education, Hon. Nicolette Henry.

The Minister commended the children who took part in the competition in the past week. She also applauded those who prepared the children for their performances. While recognising the role of the parents/guardians for allowing their children to participate in the competition, Minister Henry emphasised that this experience will be remembered throughout the children’s lifetime.

“The Ministry of Education recognises the importance of a balanced or rounded education. In this regard, the Ministry will continue to plan, coordinate and execute such activities with the highest level of proficiency,” Minister Henry posited.

One of the main sponsors particularly for the calypso competition was GBTI. The Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) has moved from just sponsoring the National Calypso Competition in the Children’s Mash Competitions to sponsoring the competition at the national and regional levels.

Pamela Binda, the Marketing Manager of GBTI, indicated that the Bank is proud of performing its corporate responsibility by sponsoring the competition. With that in mind, Binda reconfirmed GBTI’s commitment to future competitions.

The Children’s Mash Competition will culminate on Saturday, February 11, 2017, with the Children’s Costume and Float Parade. These celebrations are being observed under the theme “Guyana: A Green State – Moulding our Youth; Sustaining our Future.” The overarching theme is “Celebration with Liberty, Dignity and Greater Unity.”