The National School of Music will target five schools to implement a pilot music programme aimed at helping students to develop as well rounded personalities with a keen sense of patriotism. It is part of a broad initiative of the Ministry of Education to reintegrate music into the schools’ 20170210

In an interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA), National School of Music Administrator, Andrew Tyndall, said the focus is on training students from various schools in Georgetown so as to develop a City School Choir.

“It is also going to provide training for secondary school teachers in singing so that they can go back to their various schools and have a singing programme so the children would be able to sing the national songs again and develop a sense of patriotism and a sense of pride,” Tyndall added.

Tyndall explained that the schools’ comprehensive programme offers Elementary, Intermediate and the Institute of Creative Arts (ICA) levels. He however pointed out that the agency will also provide programmes to benefit younger children

“We realize a need to provide an opportunity for younger children so we have an after-school programme which caters for students between the ages of 8-13 and they come and benefit in training from the instruments,” Tyndallsaid.

The School of Music hopes to establish a band programme in Region Six at the Port Mourant Secondary School during the second quarter of the year since the institution completed the first phase of the programme in July 2016.

Additionally, Tyndall said that the National Music Festival will allow theSchool to recognise talents across Guyana where training and support can be provided.

The School hopes to collaborate with the Unit of Allied Arts to achieve their overall objective of providing the students a good experience and the chance of performing at national events.