Students of schools across Linden were lectured about the importance of education and admonished to never quit, by Secretary of the Treasury, Dr Hector Butts, in his feature address to winners of the Linden Dream Team Essay writing competition. The competition has become a signature event of the Linden Town Week over the past six 20170429

The award ceremony was hosted at the Egbert Benjamin Hall on Tuesday.
Underscoring the significance of education Butts exhorted, “Believe in yourself, pause if you have to, rest if you must, but do not quit! You must establish perseverance; must be tenacious.”
Reminiscing on his own school days, Butts said that his mother, although she did not attend secondary school always instilled in him that, “Education is the ladder of Success”.
He pointed out that he was put in a “scholarship class” because he was considered “bright”, and that he loved to see stars in his books, but got ‘licks’ for laughing at the other children who did not perform as well.
Butts said that with his mother’s exhortations, he recognized quite early that if he wanted to succeed in life, he had to take his education seriously.
“Education kept me grounded, and I owe that to the efforts of my mother.”
That was his message in a nutshell to the 20170429 1
The event was graced by Education officials, Teachers, Region ten Chairman Mr Renis Morian and Dr Vincent Adams, among other special invitees.
All used the opportunity to encourage the students whom they also commended for their efforts, and applauded the Linden Dream team for their initiative.
President of the Organization Donnette Adams said that more than two hundred and fifty students drawn from schools across Linden participated in the event, but for the first time this year, the primary Schools were included.
For the secondary division, participants were categorized as either lower or upper Level.

For the Lower level, Dafia McRae of the Wismar/Christianburg Secondary School (WCSS) secured the first place, followed by Patrice Rose of the New Silver City in the second spot and Chandra Paul Narine of Linden Foundation in the third position.
At the senior Secondary level, Petrina Blair of WCSS was adjudged winner, while Jennelle Inniss of Mackenzie High and Hannah McCalmont, also of WCSS, copped the second and third positions respectively.
Lemuel Browne of Amelia’s Ward Primary was adjudged winner in the primary division.
Winners received bicycles, tablets, certificates and other tokens of appreciation. All of the fourth form students of the Secondary Schools were given the opportunity to ‘pull’ names out of a bag to secure a chance to access financial assistance from the Dream Team, to assist them in paying for their CXC subjects. They are however expected to meet certain criteria, to qualify for same.
Linden star athlete, Compton Caesar was the recipient of a tablet and supplements, compliments of the Dream Team. Coaches Moses Pantlitz and Johnny Gravesande also received supplements and other tokens of appreciation. Shantoba Bright was notably absent, but it was acknowledged that she was not forgotten.
President Adams in her brief address pointed out, “Education is one of the most important things in life – it’s a collective agreement between children their parents and teachers”
The Linden Dream Team, formerly the youth arm of the Linden Fund USA has over the years been giving back to the Linden community. It has garnered funds through various fund raising activities, including the popular Wismar Night Dance at the Christianburg Community Centre ground, which is held during the Linden Town Week celebrations.
Funds raised are channeled into numerous activities, including those that cater to education and sports.