July 24- August 4, 2017


The Creative Art of Pastry Making

Explore the art of making all the delectable pastries you love to eat using short crust pastries, choux pastry and laminated doughs.

Creative Cakes
Learn to make all the cakes you always wanted to bake from Chocolate Vanilla to Guyana Black Cake.

Explosure to colours on Fabrics
An exercise in using paints and colours to embellish fabrics in the most creative ways

Practical Perspectives in Visual Arts
Be exposed to the skill of using visual arts to create useful and pretty articles for the home and as gifts.

Introduction to Body Massage

The art of being able to help others to relax, rejuvenate and heal.

Smart Beauty Make Overs
Practice your hidden creativity by learning how to achieve that look you always desired, whether it’s the mature look, the professional look, or the sporty look.

Becoming a more confident you.
For young ladies who are transitioning from Secondary School to a higher institution of learning or the world of work, prepare yourself by learning how to write, speak and walk for personal success.

Cooking with Kids
Learn menu basics using the multi-mix principle. Explore basic recipe measures and follow cooking instructions. Have the joy of preparing simple nutritious meals such as stir-fries and casseroles.

Guyanese Indian Cuisine
Get your hands pasty in wheat flour and Indian spices. Produce rotis, sweet meats and curries adapted by our East Indian forebears.

On Becoming a Woman- Beauty Pageant Preparedness
Every young woman can learn how to carry herself like a queen.Bring out more of your inner beauty in the course which teaches you everything about taking care of yourself and presenting that self beautifully.