Twenty-Five (25) newly appointed District Education Officers (DEO) are benefitting from a two-day workshop which began this morning at the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD), 20170725 2

The initiation workshop is being held under the theme “Education Officers- Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Excellence”. Minister of Education (acting) Nicolette Henry said this is important to realising the quality changes the sector needs.
“The Ministry of Education must be known for its culture of excellence,” the Minister stated. She added, “A culture of excellence within the Ministry provides meaning and purpose to work.” However, she pointed out that there has to be changes in the workers mindset if there is to be this culture is to be created and 20170725
Minister Henry also committed the government’s support to the DEOs “so that they will make a difference in their assigned districts”.  She urged the DEOs to “strive for excellence”, and to execute their duties with “confidence, diligence, professionalism” and with passion.
The 25 new DEO’s are learning the importance of the role they will play in strengthening the local education system. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ministry, Marcel Huston said the workshop will set a foundation for the DEO’s.
“It will reinforce the Ministry’s mission to provide an education system that delivers quality education and training at all levels and particularly to eliminate illiteracy, modernize education and strengthen tolerance,” the CEO said.
He also reiterated that the DEOs are “critical to the process of transforming the landscape of Education in 20170725 1
United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Representative Paolo Marchi highlighted the need for officers to get to know and understand the needs of their students so that they can make decisions that will guide the implementation of effective education strategies.
This is the first time in Guyana’s history that such a large number of DEOs were appointed, all in efforts to strengthen the county’s education sector.
The Table below displaying the names of the DEOs, and the Region they are attached to;

Region Name of District Education Officer
 1  Cliva Joseph
 1  Marti De Souza
 2  Netram Doobay
 2  Waneta Hunte
 3  Caroline Cordis-Daniels
 3  Rondesha Rowland
 4  Elly Peterkin
 5  Sheldon Granville
 5  Samantha Phagu
 6  Shonnet Fraser
 6  Lalchand Salik
 6  Myra Patterson
 7  Velma George
 8  Lionel Jacobus
 8  Clifton David
 9  Kateri Joseph
 9  Selwyn Griffith
 9  Samuel Sampson
 9  Chiveon Bovell-Success
 10  La Shanna Anderson
 10  Youlanda Mentis
 4  Deborah Hutson
 4  Sherwyn Blackman
 4  Shivon Greene
 4 Jeanne Jeffrey