The Aquatic Therapy Pool that will aid in improving the quality of life for some 200 learners with special needs, and who are differently abled will soon be operational at the Regional Special Education Needs/Disability Diagnostic and Treatment Centre.

The facility is located at Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE), Turkeyen Campus.

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 Aquatic Therapy Pool


Learners with sensory coordination problems, muscular strength and social interaction problems are anticipated to benefit from the pool, which will also help blind and visually impaired people with their balance and posture.

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 Aquatic Therapy Pool

 The Unit for the Blind and Visually Impaired, David Rose Special School, Beterverwagting/Quamina Special Unit, Diamond and No. 8 Special Needs Schools, as well as all students who use CPCE’s early stimulation services, are among the recipients of this initiative.

This is a joint effort between the Ministry of Education and Donor Teddy Mohamed, who saw the advantages of having access to a pool for his son with special needs

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 During the SOD turning ceremony on January 3, 2023, it was also highlighted that this undertaking to have an aquatic therapy certainly complements to the concept of related services.

Related services are the services needed to make an individual more functional. Guyana continues to make significant strides in this sector in ensuring that all learners have equitable access to educational opportunities throughout the country in keeping with its developmental trajectory.




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