Parents have been charged to priorities their children’s education, as they have an integral role in their growth and development.

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand made the charge during the commissioning of Haslington Nursery School, East Coast Demerara on Friday.


Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand during remarks


"The only way we can make your children better than you are and better than I am is to partner to do this with them. I guarantee you that if we continue along this pathway and we get the monetary from the region that we need on these issues in these schools, not only issues. This is to make sure these programmes are running and running well. Then, I guarantee you that you are going to see very different results from your children in a very short time,"  Minister Manickchand underlined.

The government is investing in the education sector, through a plethora of programmes and investments, to create quality citizens who can help Guyana develop further.

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand interacting with the students


In order to develop students who can read at their grade level, teachers were also urged to keep working with their students.

According to Minister Manickchand, this will go a long way toward laying the groundwork for the students to succeed as they progress through the educational system.

She stressed, “If there is nothing else you do at this level, is if you could make sure that you give me children who are literate coming out of your school. You would have done such a fantastic job that your children will be competitive anywhere…

Assistant Chief Education Officer for Nursery, Devendra Persaud


The education minister further explained, “We cannot any longer be excusing, at least, children being able to read. And so, we are very happy that we introduced into the primary and secondary systems, a programme, that is revolutionary. This is where we are shutting down the whole school and doing nothing else than literacy and reading until children get that right,”

Sixty pupils are benefitting from the newly commissioned $28,109,000 million nursery school.

Meanwhile, Assistant Chief Education Officer for Nursery, Devendra Persaud, noted that the new structure is in keeping with the government’s commitment for children to enjoy the best learning facilities.

He underlined that classrooms, laboratories, equipment and educational infrastructure are crucial elements of a school’s learning environment.

“There is strong evidence that high-quality infrastructure facilitates better instruction, provides students’ outcomes and reduces dropout rates, among other benefits. It allows teachers to create a framework for what they want their students to learn and how they do so,” Persaud stated.

Nursery education is paramount in developing a well-rounded child. It encourages critical thinking and positive propensities to learn, preparing children for the world and their journey to adulthood.

Regional Education Officer (ag), Adrian Elgin, Education Officer, Oslyn Benn-Caesar, Headteacher of Haslington Nursery, Tremaine Horatio, and other officials were also in attendance.