There will be a delayed reopening of some schools for the Chistmas Term 2023.

See below the full statement from the Ministry of Education:

In 2023, the Government of Guyana began its largest ever effort to improve education infrastructure by renovating, rehabilitating, repairing, building, and rebuilding more than 1100 schools across the country.

We are happy that all schools, except those below, will reopen for the new school year as scheduled on the 4th September 2023.

Unfortunately, contractors at the schools mentioned below were unable to complete their tasks. Seven (7) of the eight (8) schools mentioned below will open one (1) week later and arrangements will be made to cater for any instructional time lost.

Stakeholders of the schools mentioned below will be advised by the school of their new opening date.

The Ministry of Education wishes all teachers, students, and parents the very best for the new academic year.