Kaieteur News – One hundred and seven nursery school teachers from the Georgetown Education District were recently trained to effectively identify and support students with Special Education Needs (SEN).

The training was facilitated by the Education Needs Training Unit of the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD) with the support of Nursery Education Officers, Basmatie Baboolall and Gaitri Henry.

The event was expertly facilitated by National SEN Officers, Savvie Hopkinson, and Yolanda Trotman-Phillips at NCERD, Kingston, Georgetown.   The exercise centred on the use of the Screening Packet which is a standardised document developed through the concerted efforts of various departments within the Ministry of Education. The packet is used to screen and evaluate students with SEN, enabling both teachers and parents to contribute to the student’s educational journey. Through the Screening Packet, teachers will be able to identify specific challenges faced by learners, providing valuable insights that guide placement decisions in both mainstream and special education settings.

During the sessions, teachers gained invaluable skills in effectively utilising the Screening Packet to capture meaningful observations of students with SEN within their classrooms. The screening process offers a quick overview of a child’s health and development, allowing teachers to discern whether further evaluation is necessary for targeted interventions or the provision of Special Education Services.

Students identified through the screening process will be thoughtfully referred to the Regional SEN Centre where they will undergo comprehensive assessments and diagnoses, paving the way for personalised support and tailored educational plans. Further, the Department of Education-Georgetown organised a Nursery Head Teachers Meeting to sensitise them to the Screening Packet and its essential role in shaping educational practices. These initiatives demonstrate the government’s commitment to foster inclusivity and provide quality education for all students, regardless of their individual needs. (DPI)