It was a display of creative minds, innovation, and talent at the Cotton Field Secondary School in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) on Thursday when the region hosted its Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) fair under the theme “Transforming Education Through Innovation and STEAM.”


Students of Aurora Secondary School with their creation

The talented students wowed those who turned up to witness the event with their display and the fluency with which each exhibit was explained. The projects were mainly done by pupils of Nursery, Primary, and Secondary Schools.
Golden Fleece Nursery School project was mainly about the reusing of old tires to make sinks, swings, dining tables, and chair sets among other innovative ideas.
In the Primary category, C.V Nunes Primary School presented a Mathematics game comprising numbers, number dice, and snake and ladder games.
A student of the school while explaining the project said that she saw the need for improvement of mathematics at the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) and as such, her teachers put together an educational mathematics game that will assist students to enjoy and make mathematics a fun subject.
Additionally, the Aurora Primary School project was based on the recycling of coconut shells to make jewelry, utensil, and household items. In explaining the idea behind the project, one student explained that coconut shells when disposed of pollute the environment and using them to make something creative will be more beneficial.


Anna Regina Secondary School wood to Fire Briquettes project

“When we dispose of coconut shells, especially in swamps it eventually breads mosquitoes that when feeding on humans spread sickness such as malaria. So, we went around the environment grabbed coconut shells, and started to carve earnings, chain pendants, make bags and bands among others here on display.” the brave student said
In the secondary category, inventions were very unique and innovative. The Anna Regina Secondary School created an invention that converts wood to Fire Briquettes. They explained that it is used instead of firewood which when burned releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


The Essequibo Technical Institute with its Biomass Gasification Power Plant


The Essequibo Technical Institute was far beyond innovative. They created a huge Biomass Gasification Power Plant to provide gas fuels for power generation which is considered one of the best ways for substituting fossil fuels.


A cyberbullying presentation by Cotton Field Secondary

Meanwhile, the other schools that participated are the Huist Dieren Nursery, Riverstown Nursery, Primary, Abrams Creek Primary, Huis’t Dieren Primary, Aurora Primary, CV Nunes Primary, Fisher Primary, 8th May Primary, Sparta Primary, Jacklow Primary, Hampton Court Primary, Lima Sands Primary, 8th of May Secondary, Anna Regina Secondary, Aurora Secondary, Cotton Field Secondary, Wakapoa Secondary, Cotton Field Secondary, Johanna Cecelia Secondary, Charity Secondary, and Abram Zuil Secondary School.