From a sip and paint venture to creating various dishes using breadfruit, students of North Georgetown Secondary School on Tuesday showcased innovative ideas in business, science and technology at an exhibition.

The exhibition, first held in 2019, was not held over the past two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The idea behind the expo is to integrate students into innovative thinking and business creation. Students from Grades 9-11 participated, with the projects being used as part of the Subject Based Assessment for their examination.

Students from various schools within the vicinity of the expo attended. Minister of Labour Joseph Hamilton, the Chief Education Officer Dr Marcel Hutson and Director of Business at the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce John Edghill were among special guests.
Sarah Ferreira, a student in Grade 10 was in charge of the sip and paint booth. She told the News Room that the requirement for her Home Economics class was to create a business that caters to picnics and has non-alcoholic drinks.

“Its just to showcase how to prepare a non-alcoholic bar and how how to prepare a birthday party.
“…it was supposed to be the color rainbow picnic but we changed it to a birthday picnic, sip and paint,” Ferreira explained.

She added that the sip and paint idea was due to the similar activity that became a popular theme with persons using wine while painting. Ferreira said the project was for her Home Economics SBA.

Another student, Carolyn Carryl, had a booth displaying various dishes made of breadfruit. Breadfruit salads, both vegetarian and chicken, porridge, chips, custard and pie were among the dishes made.

Asked why only breadfruit, Carryl said, “breadfruit is rare, and basically, we know about the breadfruit chips and these are something out of the box. Nobody would think of breadfruit salad and breadfruit pie.”

She added that the intent was to also to highlight the health benefits of breadfruit.

Meanwhile, Bianca Skekel of Grade Nine was part of a role play booth, where she was the chef who creates tasty dishes and advertises them.
“I’m a trained professional in creating dishes from scratch using fresh fruits,” she said. This booth was an effort to showcase the various jobs that exist for persons in Home Economics.

In addition there were booths which showcased wedding planning, food preparation and games for persons to participate in.