The Ministry of Education today rolled out a three-day programme for preparing for the rollout of the renewed curriculum.

The programme is being held in the National Center of Educational Resources
Development’s (NCERD) auditorium and is being facilitated by NCERD, Mindbloom
Consulting and St. Francis Xavier University.

Over the next three days, educators from all eleven education districts will be provided
with an introduction to the renewed curriculum and the curriculum framework on
which it is built. They will also explore instructional strategies to support the Principles
of Learning, Assessment and Inclusivity that support the renewed curriculum.

The purpose of the programme is also to develop a repository of resources for Master
Trainers to use during sessions with principals and teachers to prepare them for the
implementation of the renewed curriculum.

Among those present included senior teachers, lecturers from the Cyril Potter College of
Education, retired teachers, and education specialists.