The Special Education Needs (SEN) Unit of the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD) closed off Autism Awareness Month 2022 with an Acceptance Outreach held at its office in Kingston, Georgetown on Thursday.

National SEN Officer Savvie Hopkinson said that the activities held during the outreach were aimed at accelerating the formation of the desired attitudes, bringing about changes, and producing actions beneficial to members of the local population who have SEN or live with disabilities, especially those on the autism spectrum.




She said that the event provided the opportunity to furnish information to members of the public and available services to persons with disabilities. The event featured an information booth, teaching and learning resources, and highlights on autism and how to become more accepting of persons affected.
Representatives of the Regional Special Education Needs and Disability Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, including its Coordinator, Keon Cheong, were also present to conduct an assessment and evaluative procedures for children.
The Step-by-Step Foundation, which serves and supports children on the autism spectrum, also participated to provide information and guidance.
The Health Ministry also partnered with the Education Ministry on Thursday to provide ear and eye testing services.
Head of Curriculum, Omwattie Ramdin prior to declaring the event open said that the day must come when there was no longer a need for awareness activities as there would be greater acceptance by society.
She said that she was very proud of the SEN Unit and the work done to help learners who have Special Educational Needs and to bring awareness to autism and other learning disabilities.