(March 21, 2020) – The Ministry of Education’s Special Education Needs (SEN) Unit on Monday afternoon in observance of Trisomy Awareness Month and World Down Syndrome Day hosted a virtual conversation. 

Since 2006, World Down Syndrome Day is observed each year on March 21 to create awareness. This year, the campaign theme is “What does inclusion mean”.


 SEN hosts virtual conversation to observe Trisomy Awareness Month and World Down Syndrome Day


Leading the discussion was Education Officer, SEN in Region Five, Ms. Akeisha Benjamin. During the conversation, over 100 educators were engaged on the causes of Down syndrome, it’s symptoms and how to teach persons who have been diagnosed with it.

Trisomy is a congenital disorder that occurs when there are three copies of a chromosome instead of the typical two. Down syndrome is one of the most well-known instances of trisomy.

It has been found that persons with Down syndrome are visual learners. As such, teachers were encouraged to incorporate more images and colours into their lessons.

Even though persons with Down syndrome might act and look similar, each person has different abilities. The educators were also encouraged to practice patience and work along with these persons as they can still make meaningful contributions to society.