–as batch of 60 graduate

Sixty (60) students, on Friday, graduated from the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) in two courses namely caring for the sick and elderly and customer care and hospitality tour guide.

While delivering his address, Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton, M.P. said the BIT training programme is not a favour to the participants, but is the Government’s way of fulfilling its promise of providing competent service to citizens.news 20211025 8

“Nothing we do for you is not what we should be doing… we don’t think we (are) doing you a favour by training you. I, as minister believe that is my duty to do that…I have a responsibility to do that…

We believe that we pledged to give service to you and this is one part of giving service Minister Hamilton said.

The Minister urged the graduating class to give service to their community, region and the country as a whole. He added that the PPP/C Government is not just saying it will train persons in various fields but is also putting the necessary institutions in place for training to occur.news 20211025 9

“We are not just saying we will train, but we are putting the structures in place to ensure that people are going to be trained, somebody say, why train all these people? Where (are) you gonna find the jobs for them? Wisdom says have the skill so when the job comes you can apply for it,” he said.

Minister Hamilton added that the training will be useful to help them as it will earn them a living and will enable some to venture out on their own and develop businesses. He pointed out that persons trained in courses like garment construction are also being trained to “save”, since they can now sew clothes for their children and themselves.

“For us who are at my age, we have brought this country to a good place. I believe, you young people you have to take it to a better place, that is your responsibility, for yourself, your children and the country,” the Minister said.news 20211025 11

Meanwhile, Regional Chairman of Region Six, and the Board of Industrial Training (BIT), Mr. David Armogan said that the rapid developments in economic activities will create demands for trained and qualified persons to serve the country.

“There are many economic demands and also we are utilising money to invest in agriculture, to invest in manufacturing, to invest in other services, and so therefore we want to ensure we have trained, capable and qualified people to take up new divisions that are going to be created,” Mr. Armogan related.

He assured them that all courses done through the BIT programme will tremendously help them to earn a living using the skills acquire during the training programme.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BIT, Mr. Richard Maughn gave the charge to the graduating class with the words, “I charge you to remain focused…and for you to focus you have to discover what is your purpose and what is it you want to do and once you know that, you have to remain focused.”news 20211025 10

Mr. Maughn also told them to be confident and believe that they can achieve all the goals they would have set out to accomplish.

The four-month courses were funded by the Ministry of Labour, through BIT. These courses were taught by developers of St. Francis community.