Two best friends of Queen’s College have achieved their dream of being among the country’s top students at the 2020 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE).

Nineteen-year-old Zane Ramotar was on Friday evening announced to be the country’s top student at CAPE with (14) Grade Ones and (1) Grade Two.

Speaking during a telephone interview with the BIG Smith News Watch, Zane said while he is not surprised at his stellar performance, the suddenness of the announcement by the Ministry of Education increased his happiness.

“I was extremely ecstatic because being the top student for an examination is a really big deal. It came out of the blue so that factor exponentially increased the happiness I felt,” he noted. The teen is planning to pursue studies overseas in the area of Physics.

He is followed by Naomi of St Rose’s High School who achieved (12) Grade Ones and (2) Grade Twos. Coming in third place is Zane’s best friend Christian Pile, also with (11) Grade Ones and (2) Grade Twos.

“I was definitely proud of my achievement and everything I was able to accomplish,” Pile noted in a telephone interview on Friday evening adding that he has been consistent with his studies and is looking to pursue studies in the field of Bio-Engineering.

The two young men have been friends since first grade and classmates throughout their years at Queen’s College.

Pile said “we’ve been good at academics and we work collectively. It was a dream to accomplish something this great together.”

With almost one year elapsing since the examinations were written due to widespread review of the initial results, he is happy that the matter is resolved allowing students to move onto the next stage of their lives.

The Education Ministry did not release the names of the remaining CAPE top students.