On Thursday, the Department of Education – Region Four led by the Regional Education Officer, Ms. Tiffany Harvey conducted an outreach exercise to the Susannah’s Rust and Low Wood Primary Schools.

The two schools are located along the Demerara River. During the exercise, each school received a laptop to be used by the teachers to conduct their work. Each of these Primary Schools accommodates nursery-aged pupils and have Secondary Departments up to Grade Nine.

All the nursery-aged pupils received a pre-loaded tablet to ensure they can continue to learn while being away from school. The nursery pupils along with the Secondary level students also received learning charts and stationery items to aid in home-based learning.news 20210212 1

According to the REdO, Ms. Harvey, the initiative was undertaken to ensure the Department of Education fully supports and facilitate home-based learning. She said, “We are striving to provide learning materials to learners, however, in phase one we will be targeting the remote and riverine communities in Region Four.”

She explained that the pre-loaded tablets contain content approved by the Ministry of Education for pupils at the nursery level. She said that 134 tablets will be distributed to nursery-aged children and 145 tablets to grades four and five students along the Soesdyke-Linden Highway and in Hope Estate along the East Coast of Demerara. This distribution will continue next week.

The Government of Guyana and the Ministry of Education are constantly seeking ways to reach its most important stakeholders, our teachers and students to ensure they can remain engaged in teaching and learning during this unprecedented time. These activities are geared towards preventing extensive learning loss among learners which can negatively impact their development and ability to progress.

Worksheets continue to be printed and distributed to schools while the Guyana Learning Channel is providing content for the various grades daily. No stone will be left unturned as we develop and execute programs to improve education delivery in Guyana.