A 34-year-old Guyanese of Goedverwagting on the East Coast of Demerara has created a board game that tests players’ knowledge of Guyana. The game, titled ‘Real #1 Guyanese,’ incorporates Guyana’s Arts and Culture, Science and Nature, History and Geography.

It will go on sale next week and will also be introduced in Guyana by the Ministry of Education.

Linden Cave on Wednesday handed over his creation to the Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand where he said his aim was to conceptualise a learning initiative that is informative and engaging at the same time.

According to a statement, Manickchand said the Ministry will be purchasing a quantity of the game to be used in schools.
She also said that a game of this nature will serve the education system well and it can only be advantageous for this to be introduced into the classrooms. Not only will the game augment the traditional teaching Minister Manickchand opined, but it will bring about variety in terms of how content is delivered to students.news 20201203 1

The Education Minister said what is even more satisfying is the fact that Cave is using his knowledge and creativity and contributing to his financial independence. The game is estimated to take about 30-45 minutes to be completed. It utilizes a set of cards with facts, a board with icons and other additional pieces that forms part of the game.

Added to that, the Minister was quoted saying the new curriculum will be focused on delivering content in more engaging ways and therefore, more innovative ideas would be welcome.

The Goedverwagting resident said that soon he will be introducing two additional games into the market.

These will both look at things Guyanese with one being a Creolese Card game, where the clue on the card has to be interpreted in creolese.

The other game will test players’ knowledge on people, places and things that are unique to Guyana.