The Ministry of Education takes capacity building seriously particularly as it relates to teacher training. This ensures that our teachers are always equipped to deliver quality education to our students.

It is important that regardless of the time we live in or under what circumstances, our teachers and the Ministry of Education must be equipped with the skills and tools to ensure we continue to educate our students.

We have learnt this over the last six months, as our students were forced to remain safe at home as Guyana and the rest of the world tackle the pandemic created by COVID-19.

Distance learning has never been more relevant and necessary. For many it is a learning experience which highlights the need to develop systems and to train our educators to perform their duties despite the challenges.

To address this in the Education Sector, the Ministry of Education has partnered with the Organisation of American States (OAS) and the ProFuturo Foundation to have all teachers in Guyana provided with foundational concepts and understanding on the role of innovation and Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the delivery of education.

The ProFuturo teacher training is intended to rapidly bring teachers up-to-speed with knowledge and skills to allow them to begin delivering learning online, based on sound principles.

The training is broken down into two tracks; Innovation and ICT, with each track consisting of modules across four levels, basic, intermediate, advanced and professional.

The total recommended duration for all modules is 100 hours. Training will be delivered on the ProFuturo platform with coaches assigned to groups of 20 teachers to provide support during the learning journey. Teachers can get registered by visiting the link: The Ministry of Education will also be reaching teachers through official channels.

This training is timely as it will increase awareness of methodologies, tools and basic skills needed for the online delivery of education. This will address learning at a distance during COVID-19 and enable teachers to engage in online, hybrid and blended approaches post COVID-19.

This training will be done on the ProFuturo’s online platform. To ensure all teachers receive free access to the ProFuturo platform, the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company and Digicel Guyana have agreed to zero-rate access to all the relevant text related material required for completing the training modules on the platform.

This means, that any teacher that goes on the ProFuturo platform will not have to use their personal data or internet services for the relevant text-based material. In fact, they would not need a data plan. However, supplementary YouTube videos which are not absolutely necessary for completing the training modules will incur data charges.

The Ministry of Education is thankful for this collaboration to ensure accessibility of all our teachers to improve their skills in education delivery as they become better aligned with the demands of the 21st Century.

Upon completion of the course, each teacher will receive certification that will be recognized by the Ministry of Education. We encourage all of our teachers to take this training opportunity and be better equipped to continue educating the nation’s children during this period and beyond.