Thirty-six students have graduated from the Carnegie School of Home Economics’ (CHSE) Care for the Elderly and Childcare Management Level I programmes.

This is the first batch to complete the institute’s fourth-month evening course. The programmes were launched in September 2019 and were concluded in December with a zero percent (0%) dropout rate. The courses ran for 12 20200131 8

The culinary institution themed its valediction ‘Great things are within your reach,’ as it advanced 13 students (one male), in the Care for the Elderly programme and 23 female graduates in Childcare Management.

The Principal of CHSE, Myrna Lee congratulated the students for their determination and hard work.

“They’ve come a long way, they are pioneers,” said Principal Lee. According to her, this new introduction to Carnegie’s curriculum attracted numerous professional industries. Pilgrim’s Day Care Centre, Kiskadee Kids Day Care and Playgroup and Palms Geriatric Institution (The Palms) are just a few.

Carnegie continues to progress as an institution that offers all-round development for its students. Twenty-nine of the 36 graduates will be returning for Level II of the programmes.

Principal Lee noted some of the results they aim to achieve through this programme including, the supervisory position (Level III) attained with the competition of the course and working closely with international and relevant 20200131 7

Delivering the charge to the graduates, President of the Tourism and Hospitality Association Guyana (THAG), Mitra Ramkumar, commended them and thanked Carnegie for their support.

“[These programmes are] critical and paramount for tourism because people trust you with their health, wellbeing and children and you deserve no less recognition than a doctor or a pilot.”

Ramkumar mentioned a database in place for Carnegie graduates to work in the tourism sector and hospitality industry.

The ceremony concluded with medals and certificates being awarded to the graduates.