―54 students enrolled

-Tourism Association pledges support to Carnegie

The Carnegie School of Home Economics (CSHE) has re-opened the doors of its Hibiscus Training Restaurant to a new batch of students studying the culinary arts.

On Thursday, Principal, Myrna Lee explained that the restaurant is closed and re-opened based on a rotating system, whereby one batch of students moves from one trade of home economics to another.news 20200124 1

In her opening remarks, she mentioned the importance of teaching students that each customer must feel valued from the first encounter so that they would return and recommend the service to others.

She also stated that the school aims to achieve excellence in all areas.

“Carnegie is in the business of creating, developing and providing international quality and excellence in the area of Home Economics and Hospitality services through education, training, information sharing, networking and collaboration,” Lee said.

She stated that CSHE aims to be a leading institution and authentic voice for quality training in Home Economics and Hospitality while being regarded as “the place of world-class service in preparation for employment.”

Also speaking on employment, President of the Tourism and Hospitality Association Guyana (THAG), Mitra Ramkumar, pledged the support of the association to the school.

He said THAG will provide internships so that CSHE students could get an adequate amount of practical training in addition to their theoretical knowledge. Further, he said, THAG would also be creating a database to provide graduates with more employment opportunities in the tourism sector.news 20200124 2

“We’ll be developing a database of persons that would have come and done training at Carnegie and so as the need arises from our members and operators from in the industry, they will now reach out to these persons that have been trained,” he said.

Ramkumar also emphasised the importance of tourism in Guyana with the emergence of the oil and gas sector saying: “Tourism and oil mesh well. The two industries complement each other.”

According to the THAG president, more Guyanese should focus on the spin-off industries related to oil and gas, which is where the role of institutes like CSHE was essential.

The school, which is a part of the Ministry of Education’s Technical, Vocational Educational Training programme welcomed 54 students to the training restaurant.