─ “never underestimate yourself” – Keisha Jaisingh, CSEC scholar

“I was very satisfied because I knew it was a challenge. The sleepless nights and the Sunday to Sunday classes… it was really hard,” said Keisha Jaisingh, a Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) scholar that worked her way into the coveted ‘Top 10’ rank.

The future engineer has set her sight on joining the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC). Jaisingh is one of three young ladies in the ‘Top 10’ this year, and one of three students from Swarswati Vidya Niketan School that also share the prestigious spot.

It is no secret that preparation for CSEC demands discipline. To secure good grades at the examinations, Jaisingh laid out a gruelling schedule which she relentlessly followed.

“In the afternoon, I would reach home around 6 o’clock. I would have dinner, then take a nap, wake up back at around 10, and finish homework by 12. And studies for the next day, I would continue until 3 in the morning and that’s about how I did it since last year,” said the student who resides in Tuschen Housing Scheme.news 20190820 1

Rising to the occasion and gaining 16 Grade Ones and 2 Grade Threes was not an easy task. Jaisingh credits her teacher for her success. “My teacher said that I should sit 18 subjects. By the ending of the fourth form, it was a lot of pressure. I asked her if I can drop some subjects and she said, ‘no, you should try it’ and that shows she knew my ability and potential,” Jaisingh related. For this, the Top 10 student said she is grateful because her teacher’s encouragement bore fruit.

Jaisingh also commended her parents for providing a strong support system and laid out her words of motivation for other students. “I would advise them to be determined, be humble and study smart, be wise and never underestimate yourself because you never know where you can be one day,” Jaisingh stated.
While most parents may find their child’s academic victory to be surprising, Cecelene Kattow, mother of the Region 3 scholar is different. According to Kattow, Jaisingh had always performed outstandingly since Form 1. “I was not surprised when I got the result because I know she has always done well,” the mother mentioned.

Keisha Jaisingh is currently pursuing 7 subjects at the upcoming academic year’s Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) at Swarswati Vidya Niketan School in Anna Catherina on the West Coast of Demerara.