– DPI work-study students shine at recent CSEC Examinations

The Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination is over, and students who sat the test are now mulling their options to pursue higher studies or join the world of work.

At the Department of Public Information (DPI), several work-study students (intern) assigned to the agency were also celebrating their results. They shared the discipline and commitment practised in accomplishing their successes.

Kelly Gurrick, a St. Stanislaus College student, said while she never liked studying, she made the commitment to remain focused and prioritised her time wisely.news 20190816 14 “I acquired eleven subjects, and this is more incentive for me to work harder to become the lawyer I want to be. I do not like seeing persons being taken advantage of and I want to make a change in that aspect.”

She is urging others who will be sitting the CSEC Examination in 2020 to keep abreast with their studies and find balance in everything they pursue.

Coming from the Brickdam Secondary School, Serene Sealey highlighted that her early mornings and late-night lessons have paid off. news 20190816 15She expressed appreciation to her teachers for giving her the extra push. “I will be attending the University of Guyana to study dentistry. I obtained nine subjects at CSEC, and now I can follow my passion, which is to make it possible for persons to get that white and bright smile,” a bubbly Sealey beamed.

Salome Ross, a young architect-in-the-making, said she is satisfied with her results and can now follow her father’s footsteps. The Queen’s College student explained that from an early age, she was always fascinated with designs and interior decorating. news 20190816 13“I hope to attend the University of Guyana and then continue my studies abroad. Nothing is stopping me. I will work very hard to achieve my goals. At the examinations, I taught I failed Mathematics, but I gained a plus which I am very proud of,” Ross said.

Kezia Jerome, from Tutorial High School, said burning the midnight oil has paid off and indicated like her fellow interns, she will be attending the University of Guyana.

“I love the Communications field; particularly journalism and I will work to be a part of the sector. Since participating in the work-study programme at the Department of Public Information, my vision has become clearer when it comes to selecting my career. Now, I will take advantage of every opportunity there is available.”news 20190816 16

Other successful performers also attached to the agency are Aseya Cliffe of Bishops’ High School, Mariah Orderson of Tutorial High School and Kayla Alexander from the Central High School.

The work-study programme creates a smooth transition for Fifth Form students from school to employment. The experience allows the students to understand how the work environment operates.