Sixteen-year-old Darshanie Jadubir called “Anjalie” of Whim Village, East Berbice, the hometown of Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo is Region Six top performer at this year’s Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC).

Jadubir, a student of JC ChandiSingh Secondary School, has made her region, community and school proud by earning 15 Grade Ones and one Grade Two. She recalled the many hours spent studying and credited her success to God, her parents and teachers.

Her father, Narine Jadubir, a cash crop farmer and her mother Basmat Jainarine have provided constant support and encouragement to their daughter. The teen related how her father would use his motorcycle of 13 years to transport her to school every day.

Narine told the Department of Public Information (DPI) he is proud of his only child and knew she would have done well since she has always been a highflyer from primary school. Jadubir attended the Auchlyne Primary School where she had secured 507 marks at the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examinations prior to moving on the JC Chandisingh.

“I became emotional when I heard the results. I knew that she was going to do well but when we heard that she topped the region, it was unbelievable,” the proud father recalled. “…it goes to show that it does not matter what status you have or how rich or poor you are if you put in the hard work you will reap the benefits with the help of God,” Narine added.

He is encouraging other parents to invest in their children’s education since it will yield the best rewards later in life.

While, not yet having chosen a career path, Darshanie loves the field of Science and Technology and said whenever she makes a final decision it will be something along the lines of both. For the immediate future, she is planning to enjoy the remainder of the August before she resumes her A-Level studies.

Her advice to those preparing to sit the examination is to put in the work early so that you can relax later on, “…do not leave too much revision for the last few months, start early so you can relax towards the examination and be less stressed… As teens, it is sometimes difficult to focus because of all the changes in our bodies and stuff happening around us but you have to find what calms you and make it work for you so that you can work towards your goal.”