– govt outreaches continue to reap benefits

Young Tonackisdu Indar attended the latest instalment of the ‘Government comes to you’ outreach held in the ‘mining town’ of Linden, Region 10 where he left fulfilled and exceedingly satisfied with the service he received.

The young man sought the help of the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) which works closely with the Ministry of Social Protection in the implementation of technical training programmes in heavy-duty operation at the Linden Technical Institute.

Several technical officers attached to the Board of Industrial Training and the Ministry of Social Protection’s Central Recruitment Manpower Agency (CRMA) assisted the budding heavy machinery operator in completing his application form and a CRMA form for future job opportunities once he has completed his training.

Indar expressed his delight with the service which he received. “I heard about this and had to come, it was an opportunity for me, so I decided to use it.”

The lad said this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for him. “It’s a nice thing the government is doing. A lot of youths are out of jobs right now, people want work so it’s very nice that the government notices us and realizes that we want jobs and look out for us, it’s very nice, I like what they’re doing,” he added.

The CRMA is in the business of providing jobs and opportunities to young people across the ten administrative regions. Among their services is the provision of guidance and counselling for the youth as well as liaising with public and private entities for the provision of jobs for young people.

The government continues to reiterate its support and commitment to youth development and youth employment countrywide. As such, the recent government outreaches have been instrumental in addressing many of the issues facing young people.