― part of NIS’ 50th anniversary celebrations

― Queen’s College wins semi-finals with 86 points

Queen’s College today advanced to the final round of the debating competition 2019 after winning the semi-finals against the Bishops’ High School at the National Centre of Education and Research Development (NCERD).

The competition, done in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, forms part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS).news 20190531 17

The moot, “With improved information technology in schools, students will have an advantage to enter the world of work with greater skills,” was competitively debated between the opposing team, Queen’s College and the proposing team, the Bishops’ High School.news 20190531 20

The Bishops’ High, represented by its 8th graders acquired 73 points while semi-final winners Queen’s College won the round with a total of 86 points.

Lorelei Khanai, third speaker for the opposition, emerged Best Speaker of the competition.

Chief Judge, Celest James-Williams, Head of the English Department at the New Campbellville Secondary School, commended the students of both teams for their hard work.news 20190531 19

St. Rose’s High School failed to show for their verbal battle against St. Joseph’s High School resulting in an automatic win and a smooth path to the finals for St. Joseph’s High.

The moot “Improved Information Technology will enhance the services offered to contributors and pensioners by the National Insurance Scheme” will be debated in the final round of the competition by Queen’s College and St. Joseph’s High School.news 20190531 18

Training Manager, Pauline Alleyne said the finals of the competition will be held on June 11, at 10:00hrs at NCERD.