– climate change, public speaking, mental health among focus areas

Fifty youths from eight regions graduated a two-week Youth Leadership Training Programme today at the Madewini Training Centre. The module two leadership programme prepared the participants for decision making, problem solving, financial management, psychology, good leadership, mental health and other areas.

Participants were given the opportunity to part take in a mock parliament debating the challenges of climate change in Guyana.

In an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI), Senior Administrative Manager for Youth Empowerment, Department of Social Cohesion, Culture, Youth and Sport, Fayonne Marshall said the programme began in 2015.news 20190610 16

“When we started, it was more of a consultation with the various regions with the aim to establish new youth organisations with the main focus to groom persons for leadership. However, the actual programme started in 2016, after realising that persons who were in existing youth organisations did not possess the requisite leadership skills,” she informed.news 20190610 14

Marshall emphasised that persons who completed Module one and displayed leadership potential in 2016, were given the opportunity to visit the United Nations Conference in the United States of America, as Youth Ambassadors in 2017.

“This is our 18th programme and… Youths who would have graduated were given the opportunity to practice their leadership skills through managing another of our existing programme under the Department of Social Cohesion which is the Night School,” Marshall disclosed.

President of the Master Class Institute and Social Rank Media, Rosh Khan gave his views on the importance of youth empowerment.news 20190610 12

“What is most important for youths in Guyana is that they understand leadership and apply Leadership. It is important for the youths of Guyana to possess leadership qualities to prepare them for the future, country, region and their communities,” Khan noted.

Graduate, O’Neil Belle shared his view on the programme, “[it] was very informal and quite practical, before many of us were not outspoken but we leave here today, motivated enough to partake in public speaking and most importantly build our self -esteem to effectively apply our leadership skills.”news 20190610 13

Module three of the Youth Leadership Programme is expected to commence soon with a packed schedule of practical exercises for the youths.