“I believe intelligence indeed is the vehicle that would help to shape and fashion one’s character – a character that will embody a positive outlook for the future. Education should be the vehicle, that transforms one’s attitude and behaviour to be a good and productive citizen,” a former student of New Silvercity Secondary School and Member of Parliament, Jermaine Figueira said.

He charged the parents present to encourage and support their child’s dream and to follow whatever career they choose.

The occasion was the opening of a 3-day career day at New Silvercity Secondary School. The annual event opened with a march-past and will continue for the next two days. The aim of hosting such an event is to help students get information on their intended career and therein be educated in the selected fields.news 20190610 19

Some students and parents shared their overall view on the hosting of the career fair.

Isaiah July, 14 of Silvercity, Linden will be the first person in his family to become a doctor. “I want to be a physician, and I believe this initiative is great and I’m glad I’m able to attend. As a child, I saw how doctors are able to take care of patients, and that has influenced me to become a doctor.”news 20190610 23

His single-parent mother, Wanita July commended the organisers for hosting a career fair. She is overjoyed at her son’s career choice and will continue to work hard with him to ensure he pursues his dreams.

“The exposure is great, and I am glad my son chose to be a doctor. He is working towards it, and anytime my hands look swollen, he always comes and says, ‘mommy come, let me get something for you’… I would have to tell him ‘doctor leave me alone’ sometimes because it isn’t that bad. news 20190610 17But overall, I’m thankful, and if that is his dream, I need to follow it with him, and I will encourage him to the end until he gets his heart’s desire.”

Another third former, Jaheem Lawson says, he wants to be a Mechanical Engineer because he likes machinery and getting into this field will allow him to be educated and get more hands-on experience.

Mayor Waneka Arrindell was also treated to a ‘face beat’ by one of the talented students who aspire to be a cosmetologist, focusing on make-up artistry at the Career Fair. news 20191006 25Eden Noel says she was inspired by her mother, who resides in the United States of America (USA) and is a wedding planner, having seen her apply make-up. “I like seeing people look beautiful and I want to pursue this career.”

For the next two days, the students will be conducting field tours, visiting hospitals, lawyers’ offices, the technical institute, some will be taking a trip into Georgetown. It is anticipated that the career fair will be more significant in the years to come.

The Guyana Police Force (GPF), Linden Technical Institute (LTI), Citizens Banks, Department of Public Information (DPI), BOSAI, Linden Legal Aid, farmers and the Linden Fire Brigade were among some of the stakeholders present at the fair.