Graduates of the Clinical and Technical Training Programme were charged to “climb the ladder to greater success” by Chairman of Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation Board, Kesaundra Alves.

Eighty-five graduates from four programmes offered by the Division of Health Sciences Education, Ministry of Public Health, were certified as Clinical and Technical professionals on Monday, June 17, 2019 at the National Cultural Centre.

Alves who represented the Minister of Public Health, Volda Lawrence, stated that the health sector will definitely be boosted by the presence of the new professionals, and highlighted the importance of their services to the health sector.

She said, “our world leaders, our government can make all these grand initiatives and policies, but if you, the deliverers of health care who are tasked with performing and serving the public health sector, don’t work to ensure performance appear at a certain level of higher standard, then all of this comes to nought. Targets won’t be met and the wellbeing of our people will suffer.”

The chairman told the graduates to treat their patients equally, as she highlighted the 2008 regulations made under the Health Facilities Licensing Act 2007, which provides in Section 13 that, “all patients shall be treated equally regardless of age, place of birth, race, creed, nationality, gender and sexual orientation.”

“Therefore, you are not to discriminate against any one and you are also supposed to hold steadfast to what is ethical,” she added.
Alves urged the graduates to commit to enhancing their knowledge and skills, adding, “Do not limit your talents and abilities. Seek avenues to develop your potential, ignite your light in the acquisition of more knowledge and make your tutors even more proud as they see you climbing the ladder to greater success.”

The Clinical and Technical Training Programme offers training in careers such as Medical Laboratory Technician, Pharmacy Assistant, Environmental Health Assistant and X-Ray Technician, amongst others.

The Environmental Health Assistant Programme consist of courses such as introduction to environmental health, vector control, food safety, meat inspection, meat hygiene, poultry hygiene communicable diseases, solid waste management, occupational safety and health, amongst others.

Within the X-Ray Technician Programme, students do courses including sociology, mathematics, national health care systems, communication skills and physics among others.

According to the programme report, the Pharmacy Assistance course consist of courses namely, pharmacy law, logistics, pharmaceutical, medical technology and pharmacology.
This year’s graduating classes comprised of Pharmacy Assistant 2017-2018, X-Ray Technicians 2017-2019, Environmental Health Assistant 2017-2018 and Medical Laboratory Technicians 2015-2017 and 2017-2019.

Of the 85 graduates, 39 graduated as medical laboratory technicians 13, pharmacy assistants15, X-Ray technicians and 18, environmental health assistant.

Candace Wallace was awarded Valedictorian of Environmental Health Assistant Faculty 2017-2018; Tamra Carter, Valedictorian of Pharmacy Assistant Faculty 2017-2018; Bibi Yassin, Valedictorian of Medical Laboratory Technicians Faculty 2015-2017; Darshanie Rohit, Valedictorian of Medical Laboratory Technicians Faculty 2017-2019; while, Wickliff Garnett was awarded Valedictorian of X-Ray Technician Faculty 2017-2019.