The Ministry of Education wishes to notify parents and guardians that due to flooding caused by heavy rains on Sunday, May 31 some schools will not be opened on Monday, June 1, 2015 so as to facilitate the cleaning and sanitization of school facilities and its environs.

The following schools will be closed on Monday, June 1, 2015:


1. Starters Nursery
2. South Road Nursery
3. Gacestock Nursery
4. Sherman Nursery
5. St. Agnes Primary
6. St. Angela’s Primary
7. St. Barnabas Secondary
8. Carmel Secondary
9. Queenstown Secondary

East Coast Demerara:

1. Strathspey Primary
2. Strathspey Nursery
3. Annandale Nursery
4. Annandale Primary
5. Annandale Secondary
6. Mon Repos Primary
7. Mon Repos Nursery
8. Beterverwagting/Quamina Primary
9. Beterverwagting Nursery
10. La Bonne Intention Secondary
11. La Bonne Intention Primary
12. La Bonne Intention Nursery
13. Chateau Margot Primary
14. Montrose Primary
15. Vryheid's Lust Primary
16. North Vryheid's Lust Nursery
17. South Vryheids Lust Nursery
18. Better Hope Nursery
19. Prince Williams Street Nursery
20. Plaisance Primary
21. Plaisance Nursery
22. Plaisance Secondary
23. Plindola Nursery
24. Enterprise Nursery
25. Enterprise Primary

The Ministry also wishes to inform CSEC and CAPE candidates that examinations will proceed as timetabled for Monday, June 1, 2015.