• Application for Transfer to a School with a lower Cut Off Score

    Transfers to a school with a lower cut-off score will only be allowed in accordance with availability of places.

    Transfers will be entertained only for extreme necessitous cases

  • Guidelines and procedures for the placement of students at the various levels of the Education System.

    The Government of Guyana provides access to free education at the Nursery, Primary and Secondary Levels. The National Policy provides for compulsory education from ages five years and six months to fifteen years.

  • Placement at Nursery and Primary Schools

    Nursery School
    The child’s third birth anniversary must be on or before the June 30 in the year in which the child is be admitted.

    Primary School
    The child’s fifth birth anniversary must be on or before the June 30 in the year in which the child is to be admitted.

  • Policy On Admittance To Nursery And Primary Schools

    The Ministry of Education is pleased to inform that Guyana has achieved Millennium Development Goal number 2. This means that every child in Guyana of the relevant age cohort can access primary education.

    The Ministry is further pleased to make it known that every child of the relevant age cohort who seeks admission is placed into nursery and primary schools.

  • Procedures for Placement in the Georgetown Education District

    In the Georgetown Education District, interviews will be conducted and verification visits made before admission letters are issued by the Placement Unit Ministry of Education.

    The applicant will be informed of the date on which to return for the placement letter, at the place of interview.